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twined ivy

how it all began

Twined Ivy was created by two sisters, Allyson McKnight and Megan McClendon, with hopes to fill a void in the market when it came to curly hair, specifically the curly hair of biracial kids. The variation in curly hair types makes it extremely challenging for a single product to be effective on everyone. Not only that, the difference in hair types amongst parents & their children shows to be a constant struggle. Many parents find themselves buying and trying different products every time they visit a store. For them, the lack of experiences with different hair textures makes it challenging to know what to buy & try.  Our top priority with Twined Ivy, was using these elements as our focal point when creating this line. With the focus on in-between hair types, we stumbled upon formulas that worked on curly hair from one spectrum to the other, YAY!

When it comes to kids, we believe natural is better, and that is what we represent in our products. The bouncing between brands and products should not be a problem with Twined Ivy on the market, as we will continue to be a one stop shop for all your hair care needs for those littles. We hope you are just as satisfied as we are. Every product within our line is formulated to enhance curls, minimize frizz, and hydrate hair with a non-sticky, non-drying, and non-greasy formula. With our focus on natural and organic ingredients, we assure you will not find any sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. By incorporating these ingredient restrictions, our products will help to foster continuous hair growth and help our kids fall in-love with their curls at an early age. Our product line is not overwhelming, not chemically damaging, and simplistic enough to grab and go.

wide range of curl types

our Mission

At Twined Ivy, our mission is to "make hair time easy" for parents and kids of different races, putting a spotlight on our mixed kids- yet inclusive to all curl types. We pride ourselves in creating formulas that are absent of harsh chemicals while providing natural and organic ingredients that support our mission for healthy, growth stimulating, curly hair.

hear from us!

a word from our founding sisters

My inspiration to create this line was from my personal experience growing up. I always wanted to wear my hair straight because I could never find the right product(s) that made my curls work. I wasn't able to grow my hair because product after product chemically damaged my hair. My poor mom was faced with my unruly, frizzy hair that was nothing like her own. As I imagine like most, she struggled to even know where to start! In today's melting pot, the number of mixed race children is growing at such a fast pace, and there are so many mom's that don't know where to turn when it comes to managing curly hair. My inspiration is to make life easier for you! A lot of us are working while raising our beautiful children and don't have hours to spend on hair. I wanted to create a line that was easy to comprehend, affordable to stock, and believe it or not, ACTUALLY works! Help me to make this a revolutionary line!

-Allyson McKnight, CoFounder

My inspiration to create this line was from my own personal hair journey that I started on almost a decade ago. I struggled with finding products on the market that worked for my hair as it was dry and damaged from all the different products I was using. So... I made the decision to go all natural in what I ate, in what I put on my skin, and YES, in what I put on my hair. I became extremely passionate in learning all about ingredients, creating my own formulas, and growing my hair ten plus inches. Not a lot of people around me had my hair type. I wanted to create a line for people like me, who were struggling to find the right products. I was determined to find a solution for the kids like us growing up, so they too, can fall in love with their curls. Since having had such great success in creating formulas that worked for me, I wanted to do the same for others. Creating Twined Ivy has brought my dream to reality, and I cannot wait for you to try it!

-Megan McClendon, CoFounder

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